SHARECONSULT and the Target Group

Following characteristics are indispensable for IPO’s those companies planning to become listed:

• seriousness in representation and appearance,
• clarity and transparency in expression and procedure, and
• continuity and permanence

They must be
• fact oriented,
• product-oriented,
• innovative, and
• visionary.

These requirements are nothing "new" for DAX-oriented values; however, they do not come naturally for the middle-class oriented IPO’s. Herewith is the necessity evident to present the altered business climate as described, to define suitable measures for optimization and to implement these into an newly defined business culture. The permanence of these measures is guaranteed through the corresponding CTRL procedures.


In the strategical field of tension between action and reaction, SHARECONSULT positions itself as Consultant Service Providers for:
• the CEO or Executive Board,
• the “Investor Relations Manager” and
• Marketing

SHARECONSULT stands for:
• insider knowledge for new emissions and price development mechanisms,
• contents-related competence throughout functional business,
• competitor and market competence concerning clients/market values,
• defined analysis procedures,
• advertising and communications competence,
• a customer specific, specifically defined service offer with necessary control
• templates for anticipated results
• share of responsibility through corresponding price and service models

The Target Group

SHARECONSULT is intended for Companies
• that are planning an IPO, or to list themselves on the "new market,”
• that are not listed on the Nemax-index, but listed on the "new market," and
• that are listed in the Nemax and wish to protect their rate.

Branches: In accordance with the indices created at 15 May 2000 (10)

aFinance service provider
aITservice provider

Evaluation Criteria

Aside from the established benchmarks used in the “new economy” (Nemax 50 e.g.), Indicators for evaluation used customarily by analysts and fund managers.

The following indicators may be used:

• Momentum
• Rate of Change (ROC)
• Fast Stochastik
• Slow Stochastik
• On Balance Volume (OBV)
• Williams R%
• Money Flow Index (MFI)
• Volume Price Trend (VPI)
• Relative Strength Index (RSI)
• Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF)
• Commodity Channel Index
• Wilders Volatility
• Positive Volume Index
• Negative Volume Index