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SHARECONSULT's goal is to optimize all business relationships in a company that have an effect on the market or the company’s price per share on the exchange, and to create a globally homogeneous picture of the enteprise for the financial markets and the general public.

Service Offer and Price Position:

The range of facilities of ShareConsult:
• is cleary defined in activities and results,
• offers transparency in procedure,
• is supported through templates, and
• clearly maps out the responsibilities.


The procedure consists of six phases. The principal alone determines its entry or exit within the offer.

Upon request of the company, ShareConsult will control together with it’s cooperating partners all the tasks resulting from the analysis and in this manner assists the principal from Phase 1 through to success.

Phase 1

Carry out analysis:
• evaluation of the vision/strategy,
• analysis of the business plan,
• analysis of the image value with fund managers,
• analysis of the investor relationship management,
• analysis of the competition,
• analysis of stock quotations (including all details),
• evaluation of the organizational structures,
• evaluation of personnel, existing and anticipated
(models of option),
• analysis of the service package,
• inspection of compliance requirements for the
• inspection of the communication management
(Company – Financial Community),
• inspection of the CI/CD continuity,
• analysis of Internet appearance,
• analysis of advertising appearance
(including brochures, web sites, etc.),
• inspection of press appearance, and
• inspection of event appearances.

The resulting report is standardized presentation fundamentally in the form of a tool useful for delivery to and from the Executive Board, CEO or the Public Relations Manager. All activities in the analysis, examination or evaluation occur by means of template. These consist of questionnaires, recommendation criteria and SWOT charts.

Phase 2

Processing the suggestions

• only orientated on the "Shareholder Value,”
• set up short-run succession of share values,
• analysis structure (phase 1 is the basis), and
• definition of the quality assurance team.

Phase 3

Design of the elements and implementation, dependent on suggestions for improvement:

• a clustering of actions into building blocks,
• planning conversion,
• processing of detail drawings with all activities,
• Responsibilities and result models, and
• the deadline.

Phase 4

Quality Protection Measures

This procedure occurs with the team defined in phase 2, consisting of:

• Investor Relations Manager,
• ShareConsult,
• Marketing, and
• personnel / employee council

Phase 5

Inspection of the results and benefits.

This occurs after 6 or 12 months. Measurement of the results and benefits on the share value and the anticipated goal.

Phase 6

Result Report. Based on the "Shareholder Value” and the defined target criteria.

This report serves the Investor Relations Manager as an active information tool for the banks and the fund manager (institutional Investors).